Care about people?

These sessions were created by Pr. Jermaine Nelson while he ministered at the Harbor of Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church, located in Benton Harbor, MI. One of Pr. Nelson's mentors, Pastor Taurus Montgomery, came up with the idea of the 5 S's of a Life Coach. We hope that these sessions will be a tremendous blessing to you as you minister in your cultural context. 

Take time to serve with Jesus

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Jesus served the people

Be Blessed

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First S

Spirit Filled

Being an effective Life Coach requires us to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Watch to learn Biblical principles that will help yo to serve people through the Spirit of Christ.  

Second S


Learn how to socialize by applying a simple method call "F.O.R.T." Learn how to build relationships like a pro. 

Third S


Learn how to sympathize with others as they go through trying times in their lives. 

Fourth S


Learn how to serve the people in your cultural context by applying some simple tips. When these tips are applied, more lasting relationships will be built.

Fifth S


Leading a person to salvation has become complicated in these times, but salvation is simple. Learn how simple it is to lead a person to salvation in Christ. The most challenging part is walking with the person through the sanctification process. However, this also must be done.